The Movement was founded in Poland in years 1977/78. As the Movement of its own spirituality, it was created by Irena and Jerzy Grzybowski, though the first experimental encounter was began by late Mr Stanisław Boguszewski, Pole from Canada. He brought one of programmes of the Movement Marriage Encounter. He helped organise the first experimental encounter in May 1977 in Laski near Warsaw, and following two encounters for married couples, and later withdrew from this activity. He died in 1980. It was absolutely needful to deepen the spiritual aspect of the programme and adopt it to social, culture and religious situation in Poland. The second encounter based on a similar programme, was held in Pewel near Żywiec in January 1978, and under the leadership of Irena and Jerzy Grzybowski, actually originated the Warsaw Community of the new Movement. From then on, they inspired and guided evolution of the core programme, created or assisted in creation of new apostolate programmes, supervised spiritual formation of the Movement. They also assisted establishing numerous new Communities of the Movement in Poland and abroad, in Eastern Europe. They finally defined, the retreat character of encounters as well as theological principles of the Movement. The leading couples took special care to adapt the programme to the local conditions in various countries. Most of the programmes, were composed and worked out entirely in Poland. From Poland, Encounters of Married Couples were brought to Belorussia, Lithuania, Latvia, Moldavia, Russia, Romania and Ukraine. In 2004 the Movement has been approved by the Pontifical Council for the Laity as a private international association of the faithful of Pontifical right.